$20 Billion

In blockchain industry growth by 2024 according to Transparency Market Research.

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Big data explosion reveals top reasons to use blockchain

The Ultimate Defense against Hacking

Eliminates the need for third party transaction witness

Transparency and Security against tampering of information

Advantageous for Innovative Businesses

TEDx- Blockchain: Beyond Bitcoin

Building a Free Future for Yourself and Those Who Have No Voice

Stop Human Trafficking with blockchain digital identity management.

TEDx: Blockchain:Beyond Bitcoin

Blockchain for Impact

Here at TeslaFinTech we are not only passionate about the digital revolution and blockchain, but about the positive impact it can have on our future generations.


Billion women and children are undocumented


seconds per person abducted or sold into indentured slavery


Thousand pounds of trash lives on the moon


Kilowatt-hours of mining energy per transaction


What our clients say

Stop Human Trafficking with Blockchain

TeslaFinTech is working to stop the annual 150 billion dollar global human trafficking crisis with blockchain based identity management program.

Removing In-Space Waste

Our vision is to organize and facilitate this increased human activity in Earth orbit and beyond in building a decentralized in-space supply chain.

Youth Entrepreneurs in the Tech Industry

We want to work with groups like Dream Tank to educate and empower youth in the technology industry while focused on support of the SDG’s.

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