About our company

Blockchain with Purpose


Tesla Fintech was founded to provide technology and strategic advice in all steps of the software development lifecycle and business development process regarding the ever-evolving and expanding Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Digital revolutions.

  • Fintech, Digital Identity Management, Data Privacy, Insurtech, RegTech, EduTech, Supply chain and Artificial Intelligence strategies.
  • The stopping of the Global Human Trafficking Crisis and with an integrated Blockchain based platform.
  • Tokenomics
  • Blockchain 1.0 to 4.0.
  • The best-suited protocol for the given industry ecosystem – Cardano ADA, NEO, EOS, Hedera Hashgraph, Ethereum, IOTA, Bitcoin, Lisk, and Hyperledger Fabric.
  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  • Process Transformations to cure the “21st Century Paperwork Crisis.”
  • Blockchain options for IIoT and Smart Cities – low transaction fees and high scalability
  • dApp design and development
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • IaaS, PaaS, BaaS and SaaS of course.

Our Founder

Jewels Rossallini-Coker is CEO of TeslaFintech, a Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, IIoT and Cryptocurrency technology company that provides Strategic Advisory Services to Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and NGOs. TeslaFintech builds dApps using Fourth Generation Blockchain protocols for the Financial Services, Supply Chain and Cybersecurity verticals.  She is a sought-after speaker on the topics of Identity Management, Digital Privacy and the Human Trafficking.


In 2018, Jewels was named a Woman Thought Leader in Blockchain for her work advocating for gender equity and purpose-driven initiatives. In her role as founder of TelsaFintech, she was recognized as a Top 200 Thought Leader for 2018 Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.  As a founding delegate with the SDG Frontier Finance Forum in partnership with the United Nations and a founding member for the CEO50, Jewels is contributing her omni-win mindset to form incentivized collaboration systems utilizing blockchain, Cryptocurrency and AI to address the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.  


What our clients say


billion women and children are undocumented


seconds a person is abducted or sold into indentured slavery


thousand pounds of trash on the moon


kilowatt-hours of mining energy per transaction