Impact Projects

Blockchain for Impact on Our Future

How we are making an impact


We contribute and invest in our community, locally and globally. We believe that our success can also ripple outward to other areas such as arts, music, our children, and women in need – through our strategic partners and hands-on engagement. It’s about putting our money where our mouth is – read more below about the current projects and people who benefit directly from our work.

Stop Human Trafficking


TeslaFinTech is working to stop the annual 150 billion dollar global human trafficking crisis with blockchain based identity management program.

Removing In-Space Waste

Affiliate: Spacebridge Logistics


Recent projections show as many as 8,000 satellites being launched over the next decade, a 7.5x increase in Low Earth Orbit. Our vision is to organize and facilitate this increased human activity in Earth orbit and beyond in building a decentralized in-space supply chain.

Youth Entrepreneurs in the Tech Industry

PARTNER: Dream Tank


Dream Tank is a social enterprise that unleashes the creative genius and inherent drive within the young people of the world to address the sustainable development goals with social entrepreneurship, mentorship, and technology. We encourage kids and teens to launch their dreams through accelerators, workshops and forums that give kids the support they need to turn their passion into a real-world business venture.

Blockchain Empowered Events

PARTNER: Digitix


Digitix is an event ticketing platform that is secured by the Ethereum blockchain. Our event and ticketing platform offers a secure, smart and easy-to-use application that will offer transparency for event hosts and ticket owners.

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